2 Years of Yes

I must say God has exceeded my wildest dreams. In the last 2 years I met the one God saved for me.

The Lord heard me when I asked for a spouse. My best friend has motivated me to take my talent and share my gift to the world. I have been able to start a business and apply my ambitions. I have learned graphic design, cookie decorating, cake decorating, and so many other wonderful skills. I met some of my favorite celebrity pastry chefs and artists. Some who I have been able to stay in contact with. I continue to admire these wonderful spirits willing to share their gifts with me. I have learned lots of techniques and let my creative juices flow. God is so good. I competed in a baking competition and surprised myself with a win. I will now be traveling to Vegas to compete for the title.

I started a website, a blog you name it. I know the vision of such a wonderful journey is just starting.

I opened my parachute to get ready to fly. All of these things, I have done with support from my wonderful family and the man I love. Thank you to my parents, Grandma, Aunties, Siblings, In-laws and friends. You make my life great. This has been a wonderful year of yes. Yes to these visions being a reality. Yes to love, and yes to success.

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