Why I Love Using Flatlays/Stock Photos

As a small business owner it can be a tough job working on your brand. One helpful thing I utilize are stock images or flatlays. The beauty of these is that it saves time and I can use the images multiple times. You can freshen the face of the image by cropping, changing angles, or layering graphics. I can have 1 image and make multiple backgrounds for future use. Below is the background image to a free guide I’m creating as well as a graphic from a social media post.

So here are the top 15 things I use stocks for related to my brand.

✔Website Management

✔Editorials such as Blog Posts

✔Social Media Posts (ads, group host posts, quote graphics)

✔Enhancing Graphics of my products

✔Creating a Lookbook for my brand

✔Presentations when teaching

✔Developing Corporate Identity (specific style to my postings)

✔Mock ups and brochures

✔Creating Free Guides

✔ Cover Photo Backgrounds

✔Background for my email signature

✔Visual Aid for Content Marketing

✔To Engage My Audience with Visual Prompts (Call To Actions)

✔Business Page Banner

✔Background for Video

So here is why I adore my favorite stock site:

There are a huge collection of photos that I can apply to my brand that are not the typical boring stock. I even have the ability to have a custom stock image portfolio completed by the owner. You aren’t just loading work from images sold to a marketplace. You have access to a person and a brand. Another great benefit is that the owner even teaches those that subscribe to email lists. The owner hosts a group and has a membership site giving you multiple ways to use the images.

If you need to enhance your brand, try using professional stock photos. Here is where you can access my favorite stock site:

Link to My Favorite Stock Subscription

Thank you for taking the time to read!

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