When Life Gives You Lemons…

The popular saying is that “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Well, there are so many uses for your lemons. I’m here to share some helpful tips.

Lemons are a tart citrus but oh so delightful. It gives a fresh flavor and pairs well in some of my favorite recipes. The next time you make lemonade, don’t toss the rind just yet!

Add a little zest to your life.

1. Zesting

Take out your grater or microplane and zest your lemon. You can save the delicious fruit of your labor for later. Just sit on a cookie sheet to allow it to dry for about an hour, then store in a glass jar.

Well, don’t stop there, that’s right there’s more. You can take a step further and make a lemon sugar.

Yes that’s right.

2. Lemon Sugar

Add zest to your sugar and allow the zest to infuse your sugar. Store in a glass jar. This now can be used to flavor your teas, baked goods, and candy.

I used the ratio for zest as follows:

Zest from 3 lemons to 3.5-4 c. of sugar

Now what shall I do with the sugar? Well you can use it to add to the rim of your favorite drinks such as this one:

If you feel extra fancy you may add some pink food coloring for pink lemonade. Want to make some great lemonade such as this just puree fresh fruit, add simple syrup, top off with water and Cheers!

Now on to our next use

3. Brining

You can also use the lemon “scraps” for use in brining your poultry. Brining helps to keep your poultry tender, moist and flavorful.


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