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“BattleDome”: Battle of the Cake Dome

Baking strips are helpful to try to keep your cakes level. Don’t battle with domes anymore. Here is some quick information about baking strips and how they work. You can buy them and reuse them or make your own strips.

Here is a helpful video on making a baking strip. You can soak paper towels and wrap with foil as shown in the video.

DIY Baking Strips

Baking strips help to slow down baking on the outside of the cake.

Tired of cutting domes off of cakes? Use thermodynamics to your advantage! The trouble with domes is that it makes stacking and icing cakes more tricky. Decreasing the dome will help so that you can stack level cakes and decrease the introduction of crumbs to your icings.

So why not manipulate the environment of the cake to allow your cakes to come out of the oven more level? The metal of your pan acts as a conductor so since the outer edge is in direct contact with the metal, this is why it bakes first. The center will then continue to rise and will rise above the edges. The central portion of the cake bakes more slowly. As it rises, it is losing moisture through steam then sets at a slower rate.

So what is the solution? You need to insulate the outer portion of the cake. You want to prevent the temperature from rising along the edges too quickly. This same principle applies with waterbaths and lowering temperature. Altering thermodynamics will help the cake bake more along the same rate throughout the batter.

If you do get some peak in your cake once it has baked, you can aid in flattening by placing a damp towel after you’ve removed from the oven and lightly press.

Bringing the temperature down with the strips helps items to bake more evenly and gives that perfect crumb. No more crunchy edges. Now that’s what I call edge control. 😉 Welcome to the land of soft and tender cakes.

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