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Algorithm of Your Business

As an entrepreneur in this time of technology it is important to make connections. I am not just any entrepreneur but a “creativepreneur”. Social media and computers makes it so easy to find or connect with people. As entrepreneurs in the creative industry you can exponentially amplify your voice by working with other brilliant minds. Use the power of connections to grow yourself. I took a huge leap of faith by simply connecting with people that have good business practices, work ethic, ideas and talents. As we grow in our businesses the harder it is to do it alone. Build your army now.

I have been blessed with a creative mind. A person with a creative mind however, sometimes needs balance because our ideas move so quickly. So before the war of business consumes your time, patience and energy; Strategically “build your army” of support and take the time to organize your thoughts.

Taking the time to try to meet people has also been a wonderful thing that I’ve done. Seize the day and enhance your business with connections. You are formulating the building blocks to your outcome. Just in one year I’ve had the chance to meet leaders in my industry of baking, leaders in photography, party planning and the list goes on. Can you believe that? I used to view myself on such a small scale and never thought that I could be having conversations with people that I admire. And you know what? Every single person I have ever introduced myself to were open armed to greet me.

Think about the Six Degrees of Separation. (No I’m not talking about Kevin Bacon). I am referring to the proposed construct by Frigyes Karinthy. The Six Degrees of Separation is built on the premise that you are within arms length of connections. People are just a few steps away from each other so that a chain can be formed linking you. The “A friend of a friend” concept basically shows that you never know who someone else knows. Stay on your toes because you never know who you may meet!

We often think about Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms as algorithms. Well, life is an algorithm too. You just need to be available at the right time, right audience, and generate enough conversation to open the door and allow people to see you.

Here are 5 tips for collaborations that I have learned over the last year:

1. Don’t be afraid to speak up. (Even if you think someone is more successful than you.) Often we have something to offer, we have great ideas and should not be intimidated to achieve our own success. People with more experience than you are often great resources. They may be able to help guide you or provide feedback for your journey. Don’t be afraid to unleash your power and talent among those around you. Fear of speaking up is fear of rejection. Even in rejection there are lessons to be learned. Not every opportunity is intended for right now, sometimes there is something larger around the corner. Some of my rejections were my greatest blessings in disguise.

2. Find balance for the ups and downs. I’ve had stressful days. I’ve had days where tough choices had to be made, but to make yourself more available to a collaborative effort you must find balance of time, resources, and planning.

3. Proper preparation will help you when opportunities arise. Build your professional reputation. Get your website, take good photographs, have reviews, and more importantly do your research. If someone needs to promote or support you, you want all of your ducks in a row.

4. Network and don’t be afraid of building your net worth. Carefully assess who you bring into your space. Assess the qualities of the individuals you associate yourself with and whether it is a good reflection of your brand. Someone associated with you is a reflection of not just them, but also you and your business. Network and meet people in your industry AND other industries. People in other industries are also a good resource for you. What can your brand offer someone? What can they offer you? How can you be an asset to each others community?

5. Build your portfolio. Give yourself a variety of experiences and take the time to establish the face of your brand. Collaboration can arise the more the face of your brand is presented. Establish a clear identity for yourself and also give yourself room to evolve.

To “build your business algorithm” I’ve learned to expose myself to different experiences. Some of my greatest opportunities have come from giving back to others. My business is not just a business, I also try to root myself in my community. As you profit in your business be mindful of other things your business may contribute. What gifts do you have? My gift of giving, my gift of knowledge in healthcare, my gift of creativity are avenues to not just profit but to also produce change.

A powerful thing to do as a business owner is to find ways to create change, create a position or create a market for yourself. Creative marketing has been an opportunity to showcase my personality and talents in my industry. As you work toward establishing a presence think of your potential customers and what you want the message regarding your business to be.

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