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Have you noticed the trend that more of your customers are DIY or online shoppers? If you aren’t building an online presence I found you create a disservice for your business. My average customer finds me online, emails me and completes online inquiry/order forms. They’ve already been on Pinterest and Instagram for ideas. The photo below is from an event showcase that I collaborated with my fellow business owners on. We create events together.

Photo: DI Media Group Showcase

If you need to keep up with new brides and grooms, also keep up with technology and design aesthetics. Bridal sales are happening 6 months to 1 year before their wedding date. An antiquated business model may be your downfall. Presentation is key in attracting the eye of your customer whether they are bridal, luxury events, or birthday cakes. Have you updated your website? Have you taken stellar photography?

Photo: DI Media Group

Photo: Cake Doctor Aimee, “Aimee Jay”

Be the event, be the photography, be the product that you would want. Attract your customers by being attractive. Take the time to stage products, showcase, describe your product or service. Why are you out of this world? The details and the experience are things your potential client does not forget.

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