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Overmarketing? Is there such a thing?

Have you ever been on overload from emails? Or maybe you were tired of clicking through sales funnels and receiving excessive information, sales or ebooks? Are there things that you as a consumer dislike? Well, why not use your own customer experience to adjust your marketing strategies as a business owner. Sometimes over marketing can overwhelm your customer or potential customer.

Top 10 Things That May Turn Off Your Customer

1. Being Too “Salesy” rather than authentic. Trying too hard to pitch your product leads to disinterest in what you have to offer.

2. Excessive Emails. Getting too many updates can cause your customer to not want to open your emails anymore.

3. Serial Posting on Social Media . Sometimes posting too frequently can impact your customer because it’s flooding their feeds and timelines, obstructing them from enjoying other posts Or information they are interested in.

Don’t be a spammer

4. Redundantly posting the same information on multiple platforms. Would you follow a brand if what they share on social media is all the same? Why would you bother following YouTube if they share the entire video on Instagram? Or maybe you don’t care to follow up on Facebook if you already saw the same post on Twitter. If you have multiple accounts, allow one feed to be a magnet for another to create leads.

5. An emphasis on trying to sell the product may affect the quality of the product itself . If the client buys into your product and your “hype” does not match what you deliver….This is a quick way to lose a return customer. If you placed so much work in advertising but have a disappointing delivery or experience, well say goodbye to future orders.

6. Training your client to shop a sale and losing product valuation. (If your product or service is constantly discounted your customer may lose the worth of your service or product).

7. You create disengagement in your brand when you fail to be identifiable. Are you modeling your brand after others so much that the uniqueness of your brand is gone? If your brand has no identifiable message, your client has nothing to relate to.

8. Your focus on trying to sell a product impacts your ability to listen to the feedback your audience is giving you. If your clients give you feedback on your product or service delivery, listen and think critically. Does this opinion have the potential to be on the minds of other consumers? If a client is dissatisfied with your service delivery take the time to reflect to see if there is something you could’ve done differently.

9. You focus so much on trying to get new clients you fail to recognize the loyal consumer that has supported you. Now for example, have you ever upgraded your cellphone or cable plan but feel you received the short end of the stick because new customers received a free line, more channels or an upgrade? Well, what about those that have been investing or supporting your brand?

10. You failed to do the research and it shows. Having no marketing plan can show in your advertisements and service delivery! Take the time to plan your sales and how you will structure marketing a class, product or service. There is no sense in marketing when you have not identified your target market and how you will reach them. This leads to shooting in the dark and will show in your excessive marketing. No strategy = no brand building.

So now that we’ve discussed 10 key points, let’s look at the big picture.

Over marketing can come across as if you are compensating for a lack of sales. Over marketing can also rub people the wrong way and appear that you are “trying too hard”. Don’t lose your authenticity because doing so can turn your potential customer into a lost sale, more importantly lost interest in your brand overall.

Have you seen those pitches about how much money you could make? That cheesy person trying to sell you a lifestyle because they did XYZ in a program with little money down? Or maybe it was for the low, low cost of X amount per month? Maybe a brand has not said anything at all and you are immediately turned off by the presentation. Marketing starts with your concept. Build your strategy once you have your concept in place and established a plan. In order to create awareness and visual imagery to match you need to know your fundamentals. You can’t build a body without the skeleton.

So how do you strike a balance between being consistent and over doing it……well read the response of your audience! You must analyze your marketing efforts for success and assess your product or service. No sense in marketing a bad product or service. Are sales increasing? Are your emails being opened? Are people responding to your posts? Are people writing reviews or show interest or satisfaction in what you offered? Can you tell what time of day you should post your ads or engagement based on analysis? Can you tell what emails to send and how frequently from your split testing? The feedback of your audience can help guide you.

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